Monday, August 17, 2009

Diaper Cakes: Not Just for Newborns!

One Tier Bunny Diaper Cake for Girl (front)
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I was so pleased to be able to create this cake for a couple who just adopted a beautiful baby girl. The baby is 12 months old, which made this cake an extra special challenge.

This cake is made of Size 2 diapers to match her age range/weight category, and has a really cute matching onesie & summer dress filling. Finally, I topped the cake off with this larger, super soft stuffed animal and lots of fun pink flowers. And wa-la. What little girl wouldn't love being presented with something like this?

So there you have it. Q.E.D: diaper cakes are not just for newborns.

And on a side note: I am so happy for the family and I hope they all loved the cake as much as I loved making it.

Congrats you three!

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